Aladin 2Go
Aladin 2Go
Aladin 2Go
Aladin 2Go
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Aladin 2Go

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With the MVP 2 Go Hookah from Aladin, you get an excellent travel hookah at a fair price.

The 2 Go has a size of only 23cm and doesn't need much space in the bag trip or for a day at the lake. Alternatively, you can use the attractive supplied bag to transport it. A well-planned system to make the MVP 2 Go a real outdoor hookah.

High-quality stainless steel and thick glass give the shisha its firm stand and durability. At the same time, the materials are naturally rustproof.
The integrated diffuser reduces the noise level so nobody gets disturbed by the bubbling even at night.
Through the groove pattern in the glass, you can use an LED plate for a beautiful play of colors.

Size: 23cm without head

The used valve ball has a diameter of 10mm.

- high-quality V2A stainless steel
- integrated diffuser
- closed chamber
- blow-off valve

General notice:
Small air bubbles inside the glass may occur, which does not affect the function of the hookah. Accordingly, this is not a reason for the complaint.
Each glass is unique and has an individual color gradient, so the product may differ from the picture.