Hookah UNION Sleek Volt
Hookah UNION Sleek Volt

Hookah UNION Sleek Volt

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From Russia with love, these amazing Union Stems are beautiful in every way. Finished with a beautiful wood design and stainless tray and inner stem. The Union Sleek Volt Hookahs are a unique designed stems that are just spectacular. This beautiful set includes the stem, mouthpiece, tray, hose, hose connector and casket!

Base, valve, connector - engineering plastic Delrin
Decorative part of a stem and mouthpiece are produced from different wood types (Ashtree, padauk, bubinga, amaranth), stabilized wood and acryl. All metal parts are stainless steel

Inned diameter of the pipe: 11 mm
Minimum connector outer diameter: 10 mm
Minimum valve outer diameter: 6 mm
Tray diameter: 200 mm
Total stem height: 448 mm
Immersed part height: 211 mm
Height of upper part: 277 mm